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Automotive Detailing in Greenfield, IN & surrounding counties

"Make your first decision, the best one"

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Mobile Exterior Detailing in Greenfield

Value your investments! Ceramic Coatings provide long term protection for your vehicle from environmental harm such as water staining, road film, bird etchings, and other contaminants from everyday driving.      

Mobile Interior Detailing services

Searching for interior detailing services in Hancock and surrounding counties? Look no further as we have two interior packages for you to select from in order to provide an ease of understanding on what your vehicle is receiving. 

Exterior Detailing and Paint Correction in Greenfield, Indiana and surrounding counties

Is your paint a bit dull due to the scratches and swirls? At Elite Auto Spa we can reduce up to 80% of those defects that ruin the appearance of your vehicle. We offer two exterior packages to keep things simple and easy when scheduling exterior detail!

Motorcycle Wash & Wax Service

If you own a bike like us, then you understand it is a priority keeping it in a showroom condition rather it is daily driven, or garage kept. Our motorcycle detailing services are the perfect option for your ride rather you're interested in standard maintenance or full restoration


Engine Compartment Detail

Engine Bay Restoration
- All components are degreased and rinsed. A plastic | rubber | trim restorer is applied and left to dwell while we focus on the exterior wash.
Additional $50

Headlight Restoration Service removing haziness from headlight housings

Headlight Restoration
- Heavy oxidation is removed with a system of wet sanding, following up with a plastic polish to remove the scuffs from previous steps. Finalizing with a 2k Clear Coat, protecting the headlights from future oxidation.
Additiinal $100

Glass Ceramic Coating enhances visibility when driving in rain

System X Glass Coating
- System X Glass protects any glass surfaces such as custom engine bay covers to your front | back windshields or all if desired. Providing multiplied hydrophobic properties, longer lasting protection up to 2 years, and cleaner, clearer visibility. 
Additional $150
 for F|B Windshield
Additional $225
 for F|B Windshield + all windows

Ozone Odor Removal, Auto Detailing in Greenfield

Ozone Odor Removal
- Ozone treatment is a strict process to removing heavy odors, by allowing the machine sit inside the vehicle for up to 60 minutes before we follow up and leave all doors and windows open/down to completely air out. This service does take quite a long time due to its requirements.
dditional $50

Ceramic Coating for Rims and Calipers
Leather Coating preventing fading, cracking and dye transfer

Wheel Coating
- 1 Yr. Wheel Armour coating applied to the faces of all rims, providing advanced protective properties allowing brake dust, dirt, & grime to be easily removed. 
Additional $100

System X Interior Protection
- System X Interior is applied to fabric & leather seating, carpeting, vinyl/trim. Providing advanced protective properties, staining, water and spills are able to be removed while maintaining the natural look/feel.
Additional $75

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